The Best Activities for Your Family in Alanya

Basking under the warm Mediterranean sun, Alanya has been a host to numerous civilizations throughout history, renowned for its natural beauties and cultural richness. An ideal getaway for families, this enchanting city promises unforgettable memories for visitors of all ages. From golden beaches to ancient ruins, from mysterious caves to delicious cuisine, every corner awaits your discovery.

The Best Activities for Your Family in Alanya

This guide is like a bedside book for your trip to Alanya. Here, you’ll find the best activities to do with your family, hidden routes to explore, and fun places to enjoy with your children. While discovering the history, culture, and nature of Alanya, you’ll also enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation.

Ready? Then apply your sunscreen, put on your hats, and embark on this guided journey with your family to discover the endless beauties of Alanya.

Beaches and Water Activities

Alanya’s beaches offer the perfect harmony of warm sands and cool waves. They are ideal for families looking for a safe and fun environment. Here are some of the most popular beaches and water activities for families in Alanya:

Beaches and Water Activities

Cleopatra Beach

Famed for the legendary beauty Cleopatra who is believed to have swum here, this famous beach is known for its fine sand and clean waters. Families can enjoy sunbathing as well as activities like beach volleyball.

Damlatas Beach

Located right next to the Damlatas Cave, this beach is especially ideal for children due to its shallow water depth and calm waves. Families can enjoy swimming and snorkeling here.

Incekum Beach

Named after its fine sands, this beach is particularly suitable for small children. Its shallow waters and wide play areas ensure safe fun for kids.

Water Activities

Alanya is a region that offers a variety of water sports. Activities like jet skiing, banana boating, parasailing, and water skiing are perfect for adrenaline-seeking family members. Additionally, diving schools and tours offer great options for those wanting to explore the rich biodiversity under the sea.

Water Parks

Water parks in Alanya promise all-day fun with slides, wave pools, and children’s pools. Families can enjoy the water in a safe and controlled environment.

Boat Tours

Boat tours organized to explore the bays and caves around Alanya create unforgettable memories for families. During these tours, you can cool off in the hidden bays where swimming breaks are given and enjoy the magnificent views of the Mediterranean.


Fishing tours are a chance for sea-loving families to explore the rich marine life of the Mediterranean. Children can learn the basics of fishing while adults can enjoy a relaxing experience.

Alanya’s beaches and water activities offer a variety of options for families looking to have fun under the sun, relax in the coolness of the water, and seek adventure in the blues of the Mediterranean. Alanya is an ideal destination for families.

Historical and Cultural Places

The historical texture of Alanya spans a wide range of time from the Seljuks to the Ottomans, from ancient times to the present day. These places, offering educational and fun experiences for families, will add depth to your vacation. Here are some historical and cultural places you can visit in Alanya:

Historical and Cultural Places

Alanya Castle

This castle, a symbol of the city, stands out with its magnificent views and historical structure. Families can walk along the castle walls and trace the footsteps of the Middle Ages.

Red Tower

An important structure in maritime history, the Red Tower now serves as a museum. Families can explore Alanya’s maritime past and old lifestyles here.

Damlataş Cave

Known for its natural formations and healing properties, Damlataş Cave is an exciting exploration spot for children. The cave’s cool and humid air is especially beneficial for those with asthma.

Alara Han and Castle

Located on the trade routes, this historical inn and castle are beautiful examples of Seljuk architecture. Families can explore historical structures and also enjoy a lovely picnic here.

Sapadere Canyon

Known for its natural beauties and cool waters, Sapadere Canyon is an ideal place for adventure-seeking families. Walks along the canyon offer unique views and the opportunity to swim in natural pools.

Archaeology Museum

The museum, displaying Alanya’s rich history and archaeological finds, offers children a fun way to learn about history. Artifacts from ancient times shed light on history.

Ethnography Museum

Reflecting the local culture and traditions, this museum provides information about Alanya’s social history. Traditional costumes, handicrafts, and objects of daily life are on display.

Theater Performances and Concerts

Open-air theater performances and concerts in Alanya offer the opportunity to experience the region’s vibrant cultural atmosphere. Families can enjoy the arts in ancient theaters or modern stages.

Local Festivals

Festivals held throughout the year reflect Alanya’s colorful and vibrant culture. Families can explore local music, dance, and culinary culture at these festivals.

Alanya’s historical and cultural places offer not only fun but also educational experiences for families. These places provide historical and cultural knowledge to children while adding meaning to your vacation. Families visiting Alanya can make their holidays unforgettable by exploring this rich heritage.

Nature Trips and Adventure Activities

Alanya’s nature, with its emerald green forests shining under the warm Mediterranean sun, clear water streams, and breathtaking canyons, promises unforgettable adventures for families. Here are some nature trips and adventure activities you can do with your family in Alanya:

Nature Trips and Adventure Activities

Dim River and Picnic Areas

The Dim River, with its cold waters and lush nature, is an ideal spot for families to cool off and enjoy a picnic. The river’s surroundings offer various facilities and activities.

Dim Cave

One of the largest caves in the region, Dim Cave is a natural wonder that fascinates visitors. Families can explore the cave’s stalactites and stalagmites and enjoy the cool atmosphere.

Alanya Gardens

The gardens in Alanya, with their rich plant diversity and colorful flowers, offer a peaceful escape for families. Walking paths and playgrounds make it a perfect place for children to play and explore.

Taurus Mountains

The Taurus Mountains offer a natural playground for adventure-loving families. Activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and jeep safaris provide excitement and unique views.

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon, with its waterfalls and natural pools, is a refreshing adventure spot. Families can walk through the canyon and swim in the cool waters.

Alanya Plateaus

The plateaus around Alanya are perfect for those who want to experience rural life and enjoy nature. Families can visit local villages, taste traditional foods, and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Nature trips and adventure activities in Alanya offer families the chance to experience the natural beauty of the Mediterranean and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Alanya’s nature is an invitation to adventure for families.


Alanya, with its golden beaches, historical and cultural richness, and breathtaking natural beauties, offers a variety of activities for families. Whether you want to relax on the beach, explore ancient ruins, or embark on a nature adventure, Alanya has something for everyone. This guide aims to help you create the most enjoyable and memorable vacation for your family. Enjoy your trip to Alanya, where every moment is filled with joy and excitement.

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