The shortest rental period is 24 hours for daily rentals and 30 days for monthly rentals.


Special prices are applied for monthly rentals. For information on the rental price and
conditions, you can call +90 544 821 13 07 – 24/7 or send an e-mail to


To rent an economic group car, you must be over the age of 22 and have at least 3 year
driver’s license.

In order to use the young driver application, the following conditions must be met

  • In order to rent vehicles in the economic group, you must be at least 22 years old and have a 3-year driving license.
  • In order to rent vehicles in the middle group, you must be at least 26 years old and have a 4-year driving license.
  • In order to rent the vehicles in the upper group, one is required to be at least 26 years old and has a 5-year driving license.
  • In order to rent vehicles in the luxury group, you must be at least 28 years old and have a 6-year driving license.


The reservation that you have made from our web page, from our offices online, by phone, or
other means is approved by guaranteeing the vehicle group (SIPP). There is no brand
warranty of any kind. However, when you go to the relevant office, if you are eligible, you
can get them from the branded vehicles in the group you booked.


  • If you submit your reservation request by phone, e-mail or WhatsApp, our vehicle status will be checked according to the information you request by our reservation center and you will be given a positive or negative response.
  • When you make reservations on our web page, the system automatically sends “reservation request information” to the e-mail address you specified, indicating that we have received your reservation request. This does not mean that your email reservation has been accepted. Depending on the Pay on Delivery or Pay Now option, your information such as our vehicle status, payment information, and whether you comply with the rental conditions will be checked, and you will be answered positively or negatively by telephone or mail, primarily SMS.
  • If your reservation is not confirmed for reasons such as lack of vehicle availability, not meeting the rental conditions, and your payment not being transferred to our accounts, you will be informed by telephone or e-mail during working hours and your reservation request will not be accepted.
  • If you have paid, the entire amount you have made will be returned to the credit card you paid without any interruption.


  • When your reservation is confirmed, you will be notified by phone, e-mail or SMS. Therefore, please make sure that the contact information you have provided is correct and complete when making reservations via phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or web. For SMS, you must have provided a public number that is used actively. SMS will not send to international lines by the system.
  • If you do not receive a message or e-mail, indicating that your reservation is confirmed for technical reasons, we request you to get information about the status of your reservation by contacting our call center (mail-WhatsApp-phone).


  • In order for the vehicle to be used by people and / or persons other than the renter, it is possible by adding the Driver’s License information of the additional driver to the Lease Agreement with an additional fee. In the event of any accident by the user and / or users not included in the lease contract, all guarantees will be deemed void, and the person / persons who rent and drive the vehicle are held individually and jointly responsible.
  • Provided that the rental conditions are met and recorded in the Car Rental Agreement, the Additional Driver is responsible for the rental period (from the date and time of receipt of the vehicle to the return date and time) as the original driver.
  • In order to be able to add an Additional Driver to the Car Rental Agreement, the original documents such as Driving License, Identity Document, Passport must be released and present at the relevant RACERENT office. Documents such as telephone, photocopy or photo cannot be added for additional drivers.


a) Turkish citizens who will rent a car know and accept that they can only drive in our
country with their driving licenses from foreign countries, under the following terms
and conditions:

  • With the driving licenses obtained from foreign countries, the vehicle can be used for a maximum of 1 year from the date of entry into our country.
  • Those who have been in our country for more than six months are obliged to carry with them the Turkish translations of their driving licenses approved by foreign representative offices or notary public while driving.
  • In order to be able to drive a vehicle in our country at the end of a year, driving licenses obtained from foreign countries must be replaced with our country’s driving license.

b) Foreign citizens who will rent, on the other hand, know and accept that it is possible to
drive in our country with the driving licenses they receive from foreign countries, under the following terms and conditions:

  • With driving licenses from foreign countries, the vehicle can be used for a maximum of 6 months from the date of entry into our country.
  • At the end of six months, in order to drive a vehicle in our country, the driving licenses obtained from foreign countries must be replaced with our country’s driving license.
  • Regarding those who drive without meeting the conditions specified in this article with their driving licenses from foreign countries, action is taken pursuant to Article 39 of Law No. 2918.


  • In the daily car rental service, the daily mileage limit varies depending on the rental period. Details are as in the chart below. The cost of overrun varies on the basis of vehicle groups, and you can get detailed information from our call center or our offices.
8-29 DAYSMAX. 4000 KMMAX. 4000 KM


Vehicle delivery to the desired address or vehicle pick-up service from the desired address is
subject to additional charges. Since the additional fee varies according to the distance, you
can get information from +90 537 989 15 47 or from the nearest RACERENT office.


The services and guarantees included and not included in the rental price are as follows. You
can purchase guarantees that are not included in your prices from our sales offices at the
beginning of the rental. You can also get detailed information about valid limits from sales


Personal Accident Insurance (PI) is included within the limits of Compulsory Highway Traffic Insurance.

Includes Damage Liability Assurance (CDW) and 18% Value Added Tax.


  • There is no exemption for renting from RACERENT. You will be responsible (0%, 50%, 100%) for the damages that may occur in one-sided or double-sided accidents in the vehicle you rented. You may be exempted from this responsibility up to the limits set in the additional assurances you purchase.


  • The cost of damage to the vehicle is determined according to the proforma invoice amount to be received from the Authorized Service or RaceRent Service Department.


  • Insurance companies evaluate the accident reports, documents and photographs prepared by the Police, Gendarmerie units or drivers while determining the Defect Rate in Traffic Accidents. These defect rates are 0%, 50% or 100%.


  • To the rental price; Fuel, Bridge, Highway Fees, Traffic Fines, Parking Fees and extra insurances (TWH- Tire, Glass, Headlight), (MI-Mini Damage Assurance), (SCDWSuper Damage Assurance), Additional Driver, Extra requests such as One Way Fee, Delivery and Pick Up Fees, Baby / Child Seat, Navigation Device, Additional Km Package are not included.
  • Vehicles are refunded with the amount of fuel delivered. For vehicles returned with missing fuel, the missing fuel difference is charged together with the service fee. Refunds cannot be made for vehicles that are returned with more fuel than the fuel level.


  • In paid reservations, if the reservation is canceled 24 hours before the pick-up time, the entire rental fee will be refunded by RACERENT.
  • In paid reservations, when the vehicle is left between 24 hours and 2 hours until the delivery time, the 1-day rental fee will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded by RACERENT. (No refunds will be made for 1-day reservations)
  • In paid reservations, no refunds will be made for the cancellations made 2 hours or less before the vehicle delivery and for the reservation payments up to 3 days. For rentals of 4 days or more, a 3-day rental fee will be deducted and the remaining fee will be refunded to the credit card paid.
  • If the lessor delivers the vehicle early on his / her own request, the rental fee of the remaining days will be refunded by making a 30% deduction from the remaining rental fee in line with the request of the lessor.


  • The procedures specified in the following articles are applied for reservations made through the paid or reservation center, call center, RACERENT offices.
  • Reservation changes will be made free of charge in line with the availability of the vehicle up to 24 hours before the vehicle pick-up time for reservations made via the 24/7 call center numbered +90 544 821 13 07 or the nearest RACERENT office.
  • For reservations less than 24 hours, the reservation change will be made or canceled based on the availability of the vehicle.
  • If there is a difference between the rental fee on the reservation date valid in the reservation changes and the rental fee on the new reservation date, the difference will be charged.


  • Drivers who do not return on the date and time specified in the rental agreement should call the call center or our offices at least 24 hours in advance to request an extension when they want to extend the rental period. It is not possible to extend the rental period without the knowledge and approval of RACERENT. If the vehicle is available, your request to extend the rental period will be met. The tenant accepts and declares that he/she has to return the vehicle in cases where the vehicle is not available or the extension request is not approved.
  • If the tenant extension request is not accepted or the vehicle is not returned at the end of the contract, if the vehicle in the lessor has a reservation and RACERENT has to give an upper group vehicle to the existing reservation customer or to obtain it from other companies; The difference in the rental fee is calculated to cover the whole number of rental days of the vehicle given to the other tenant and invoiced to the lessor whose extension request is not accepted and does not return on time.
  • In the calculation of the rental fee for the lease extension days, the current daily rental fee valid on the requested date and the extra services, if any, are added to the additional insurance costs and the rental fee is collected from the tenant’s credit card. If there is not enough balance on the credit card, the tenant is asked to top up the credit card. If the vehicle is available, it is mandatory to collect the additional day fee in order to confirm the rental extension request. Your request will not be approved until the additional day fee is collected.
  • After the lease extensions, even if the lease contract is not signed, it will be bound by the terms of this contract. The tenant acknowledges that failing to deliver the vehicle despite the expiry of the contract period constitutes a crime under the provisions of criminal law and will not keep the vehicle outside of the rental period. After the end of the rental period and / or during illegal vehicle use or in the event of a damage, it acknowledges and declares that it will not be able to benefit from insurance, guarantees and legal rights, including additional protection package.


  • There is no option for the return of rented vehicles. In case of delivery delays, a 1-day rental fee is charged, including additional services and optional insurance.


  • Any liability and financial penalty arising from non-compliance with traffic laws belong to our customers. The time that will pass due to the fact that the vehicles are kept by official or unofficial authorities for whatever reason is accepted within the term of the contract.
  • Amounts of traffic violations (HGS / OGS tolls, illegal passage fines, traffic fines, etc.) that occur during leasing are reflected to Race rent by the relevant government agencies. The relevant traffic ticket collection, which is realized during the rental and belongs to our customer, will be made from the credit card presented during the rental.
  • There is no early payment discount for Traffic Fines Collected from the customer’s credit card or deposit. The legal interests to be incurred are collected separately.


  • All vehicles in our fleet have HGS. When your rental period is over, your HGS usage information reaches our offices and the Pass Fee + VAT is collected from your credit card or cash. Since the collection process for the toll depends on the General Directorate of Highways, it is possible to collect later than the usual time.
  • If you pass through OGS toll booths with our HGS vehicles; you have made illegal transition. The illegal toll is paid to the relevant government agencies by Race rent, and the illegal toll is collected from the credit card presented during the rental process.
  • HGS cannot be used at the crossings made from Osmangazi and Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges and on highways operated by the private sector, cash payment is required at the box office.


An explanation about our assurances is given below. Explanations are for general and
information purposes. Race rent reserves the right to change this information over time. The
guarantees included in your reservation are included in your price offer and / or booking
You can purchase guarantees that are not included in your prices from our sales offices at the
beginning of the rental. You can also get detailed information about valid limits from our
sales offices.

  • Personal Accident Insurance (PI): It is an insurance that guarantees the driver and the persons in the vehicle within the limits of the Highway Compulsory Traffic Insurance. It is calculated based on the number of seats in the vehicle.
  • Tire Glass Headlight Guarantee (TWH): It is the guarantee that protects any of the tire, glass and headlight damage that may occur in the tires, glass and headlights of the vehicle, regardless of a traffic accident. (Does not cover damage caused by driver error, barrier, trap)
  • Mini Damage Assurance (MDA): It is the assurance that offers the advantage of providing repairs with tenant declaration for damages up to 1500 ₺ in the rented vehicle. (Mini Damage Insurance does not cover tire glass and headlight damages occurring in the vehicle regardless of the accident, we recommend you to take THW insurance for such damages.)
  • Full Accident Insurance (FAI): An insurance contract that covers the damages that may occur as a result of accident, burning, theft or attempted theft of a vehicle.


  • Unilaterally, in case of accident, the damage to the vehicle cannot be detected or the vehicle is stolen due to the escape, the accident, theft, manners and alcohol detection reports should be obtained by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the vehicle.
  • In DOUBLE-SIDED accidents, except for the cases stated in the following articles, drivers are obliged to fill in the accident report with material damage as stated on the report, depending on the type of accident.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to take the driver’s license, vehicle license and compulsory traffic insurance photocopy / pictures of the drivers involved in the accident, showing the damaged areas and plates of the vehicles.
  • From one or more drivers involved in accidents while the driver of foreign credentials passport page photocopy of the page with the entry stamp to hit Turkey / official documents are required to be added to the damage.
  • Failure to bring these documents requested by the insurance companies or bring them incompletely causes the vehicle to be excluded from the insurance coverage and the damage costs are recourse to the lessor.

In double-sided accidents, the traffic accident report is issued by the traffic police only
in the following cases.

  • If a vehicle without a driver’s license is used,
  • If the driver is underage,
  • If the driver is suspected of alcohol or mental health,
  • If one of the vehicles involved in the accident belongs to public institutions,
  • If damage occurs to property belonging to public institutions,
  • If the belongings of only third persons are damaged in the traffic accident,
  • If one of the vehicles involved in the accident does not have traffic insurance coverage,
  • Traffic accident results in death and / or bodily harm.


  • In case of an accident, it is obligatory to keep an accident report in accordance with the shape of the accident without changing the location of the vehicle, or to obtain accident, theft and alcohol detection reports by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station, and to inform the 24/7 Support Line numbered +90 544 821 13 07.
  • In case the vehicle is stolen, it is obligatory to apply to the nearest police or gendarmerie station and inform the Support Line at +90 544 821 13 07, which is open 24/7. Otherwise, all guarantees purchased will be deemed invalid and any damage incurred will be collected from the tenant, including material and moral losses given to third parties.
  • Please make sure that the vehicle delivery and receipt form is completed and mutually signed at the beginning of the rental.
  • To extend the rental period, to inform / change the return time and date, please call the office or reservation center where you are renting.
  • In case of an accident, breakdown of the vehicle or any need for support during rental, the Support Line should be called +90 544 821 13 07.
  • It is your responsibility to drive the vehicle in accordance with the road, climatic conditions and speed limits. You are responsible for all damages that will occur as a result of the use of the vehicle other than the capacity and production purpose, hitting places other than the road level such as bumps and potholes, use on the land and on the beach, and damage caused by water entering the engine or other parts of the vehicle. You should not use the vehicle for racing, speeding, testing the vehicle’s endurance and speed, or teaching someone else to drive.
  • In case of periodic maintenance mileage during your use, please call our Support Line so that you can continue your journey safely.
  • Keep the vehicle locked whenever you are not using it. Make sure you use the correct and suitable fuel. Check the oil levels and keep the tire inflation at the proper level.
  • You may not sell, lease or dispose of the vehicle or any of its parts. You cannot give the vehicle to anyone other than the names in the contract, even for free. You cannot give any person legal rights on the vehicle and you cannot transfer your rights.
  • Under no circumstances should you top up fluid levels of brake, clutch, transmission oils or engine coolants for your own safety. If any warning lights come on the instrument panel or see low oil levels, please contact us immediately. The telephone number, which you can reach 24 hours in case of emergency, will be given to you by the office representative from whom you received the vehicle.
  • If you detect any malfunction with the vehicle, you should immediately warn us. Do not allow any person to work on the vehicle without any written permission.


  • KABİS: Within the scope of the project prepared by the General Directorate of Security for situations such as terrorist incidents in recent years, all identity information of the passengers who rent a vehicle is shared with the Police instantly and GBT questioning is made.
  • Address and TR Number Inquiry: It is the confirmation screen of the person’s residence declaration by querying the address and TR ID Number that are obliged to be made through the Ministry of Interior. This inquiry obliges the person who will make the rental to show an address statement on the screen with his E-Government password.


  • Before receiving your vehicle, please make sure that all necessary documents are ready:
  • Original Driving License (Duplex copy).
  • A valid credit card on behalf of the driver
  • A certain amount of authorization must be obtained from the credit card for passengers who rent with vouchers.
  • Booking confirmation document
  • Turkish Identity Card / Identity Document or Passport (Passport is only mandatory for foreign nationals and those who rent with a foreign driver’s license.)


  • When you come to our office, the vehicle will be ready to be rented. It is our first priority to show all the necessary sensitivity so that all our vehicles are ready to rent in terms of mechanical, technological, and comfort. If you think that these standards are not met, please inform the person in charge of the rental.


  • Before receiving your vehicle, ask you to carefully examine the vehicle and if there is any damage not specified in the contract or missing equipment belonging to the vehicle, ask them to renew the contract by talking to the relevant persons. While delivering your vehicle, “unspecified damages and deficiencies” in the contract will be deemed to have occurred during the rental period and we state that you will be responsible for these damages as a customer.
  • During the rental period, keep the Lease Agreement and Vehicle Delivery Form drawn up and mutually signed by our personnel during the rental period. In case of dispute, RACERENT records will be taken as basis.
  • At the end of the rental, please check that the “Return of the Vehicle” section in the Vehicle Delivery Form issued at the beginning of the rental is filled by our staff (Return Date, Time, Km etc.) and mutually signed, if there is no damage or missing equipment during the rental period, check that “NO NEW DAMAGE” statement is written.


  • Vehicles are refunded with the amount of fuel delivered. For vehicles returned with missing fuel, the missing fuel fee will be charged. Refunds cannot be made for vehicles that are returned with more fuel than the fuel level.


  • At the end of the rental, check your personal belongings in the vehicle. No responsibility is accepted by RACERENT for items forgotten in the vehicle.


  • If you do not comply with the following main conditions, the rental agreement will be terminated unilaterally by RACERENT.
  • If the extension and additional service fees are not paid on time, the contract will be terminated without any warning or notice. In this case, the renter has to return the car immediately. If the vehicle is not returned, the tenant officially accepts and undertakes that he/she has committed the crime of abuse of trust.
  • If it is determined that any of your property has been confiscated against your debts or that such an issue has been notified to you, the lease contract will be terminated unilaterally by RACERENT.
  • If you are a commercial company, the rental agreement is unilaterally terminated by RACERENT in the following cases.
  • If your company is in the liquidation process, if it is a trustee, if your goods are in trustees or pursuing
  • If you took legal action to deal with creditors
  • If it is determined that your goods have been seized against their debts
  • If you do not follow the rules of this contract
  • Unilateral termination of this contract does not affect the collection of debts arising from this contract. RACERENT reserves the right to claim costs and damages arising from the termination of this contract.
  • After the termination of this contract, you acknowledge and agree that you have to maintain the vehicle safely and deliver it to the nearest office, even if it is finished. Any expenses incurred for the return of the vehicle are recourse to you.


  • You agree that we can use any information you have given to RACERENT for your rental to make a reservation, to decide whether we will add you to our customer list, to receive payment and to investigate matters that may require follow-up that may arise when the vehicle is in your use and after return, in accordance with the conditions specified in the rental agreement.
  • We can also use the information you have given us in market research studies.
  • If you breach the terms of the rental agreement, we may keep this in our records for use in future decision-making about you. We can share this information with credit assessment agencies, the Police and Traffic police, the institutions you owe debt to and other organizations that will decide whether you can become their customer based on the information about you, and (TOKKDER) All Car Rental Organizations Association. You agree that we may collect information about your car rental history from other organizations about whether or not to give you a vehicle. You agree that we will provide the information of you and any additional drivers mentioned in this rental agreement when requested by public authorities and courts.
  • Any of our “we” or “us” offices in this article can be any of our agencies.


  • Dear Customer, in accordance with Tax Procedure Law No. 433, your invoices will be issued electronically as of 01.01.2016. At the end of the rental, it will not be provided by our offices and will be sent to your e-mail address defined in our records. It is important that you provide your billing information in full.


  • Dear Customer, you can send your suggestions-requests-appreciations and complaints about your rental, vehicles and personnel directly to the e-mail address
  • Your request and complaint will be examined by our relevant units and you will be informed.