Guide for Families Renting Cars in Alanya

Alanya, on the southern coasts of Turkey, is an excellent holiday paradise for families. This guide will address the advantages and tips of renting a car, which is the most comfortable way to explore Alanya’s history, natural beauties, and cultural richness with your family.

Guide for Families Renting Cars in Alanya

Many places, from child-friendly beaches to amusement parks, from hidden bays to taste stops, become easily accessible by renting a car. This guide, customized for families, demonstrates what kind of experience renting a car in Alanya can offer and how this experience can enrich your holiday. Let’s embark on this journey together to discover the endless possibilities offered by Alanya.

What You Can Do in Alanya by Renting a Car with Your Family

The activities you can do in Alanya by renting a car with your family allow you to fully explore the diversity and richness of the region. Here are some suggestions for family activities:

What You Can Do in Alanya by Renting a Car with Your Family
  1. Beach Visits: Organize a tour of Alanya’s famous beaches. Start with Cleopatra Beach and move towards quieter sands like İncekum and Ulaş Beach. Safe and clean beaches for families offer playgrounds for children and activities like water sports.
  2. Exploring Historical Sites: Visit historical places like Alanya Castle, and Alara Han and Castle from the Seljuk period. These places are filled with structures bearing the traces of the past and offer the opportunity to provide fun historical information to children.
  3. A Day in Nature: Swim in the cool waters along Dim Çayı or have a picnic. Explore natural beauties like Sapadere Canyon and Dim Cave. These areas are ideal for nature walks and photography.
  4. Pursuing Local Flavors: Discover Alanya’s local cuisine. Visit authentic restaurants outside the city and taste regional dishes. You can find menus for children and family-friendly venues.
  5. Participating in Cultural Events: Experience the cultural atmosphere of Alanya by participating in festivals and concerts. Activities that the whole family can join will add color to your holiday.
  6. Excursions: Visit surrounding towns and villages like Gazipaşa and Anamur to explore the broader culture of the region. These trips are perfect for spending quality time with the family.
  7. Shopping and Entertainment: Explore Alanya’s shopping centers, boutiques, and souvenir shops. Modern shopping centers with play areas for children and resting places for families are ideal.
  8. Manavgat Waterfall and River: Take a break from Alanya to visit Manavgat Waterfall and riverside restaurants. Eating among natural beauties creates unforgettable memories.
  9. Photo Safari: Dedicate a day to photograph the stunning landscapes around Alanya. You can take unique photos for the family album.
  10. Visiting Local Markets: Discover fresh fruits, vegetables, and handicraft products by visiting local markets. It can be an educational experience for children and offer the opportunity to interact with the local culture.

By renting a car, you can live your holiday more freely and fully with these rich and diverse activities offered by Alanya. These family explorations can be both fun and educational and make your holiday unforgettable.

Advantages of Renting a Car for Your Family in Alanya

The advantages of renting a car for your family in Alanya allow you to plan your holiday in a comfortable and flexible way. Here are some of these advantages:

Advantages of Renting a Car for Your Family in Alanya
  1. Flexibility and Freedom: Traveling with your own car offers the freedom to stop at any time and place without being bound by specific tour hours or public transport timings. You can leave the beach whenever you want and move according to the children’s sleep schedules.
  2. Comfort: Personal space and comfort provided by renting a car are important, especially when traveling with small children. It provides an environment where children can sleep, play, and rest during long journeys.
  3. Luggage Convenience: Family holidays often involve carrying a lot of luggage and personal items. A rented car allows you to easily transport all these items and have access to them wherever you want.
  4. Safety and Trust: Traveling in your own car helps avoid security issues you may encounter on public transport. Additionally, you can choose safety equipment such as child seats according to your preferences.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: For large families, especially on long-term holidays, renting a car can be more cost-effective than the total fare that would be paid for public transport.
  6. Local Discoveries: With a rented car, your chances of exploring less-known local places that are not touristic increase. This provides a unique and personal holiday experience for the family.
  7. Time Management: With your own car, you have flexible time management, which is often needed when traveling with children. You can adjust needs like meal breaks and toilet breaks according to your own schedule.
  8. Being Prepared for Emergencies: In case of any health issue or emergency, you have the ability to act immediately and reach the nearest medical facility.
  9. Child-Friendly Features: Car rental companies often offer child-friendly features such as child seats and in-car entertainment systems, making the journey more enjoyable for children.
  10. Creating Special Memories: Journeys with your own car provide the opportunity to create special memories and adventures shared by the family.

These advantages of renting a car in a touristic town like Alanya enhance the quality of your holiday with your family and help you create unforgettable memories.

Things to Consider When Renting a Car in Alanya

Things to consider when renting a car in Alanya are important for a safe and smooth experience. Here are some important points to keep in mind during this process:

Things to Consider When Renting a Car in Alanya
  1. Reliability of the Car Rental Company: Make sure that the company you are going to rent a car from is reliable and has a good reputation. Check the company’s customer reviews and ratings.
  2. Read the Contract Carefully: Read all the terms carefully before signing the rental contract. Be clear about additional fees, insurance coverage, mileage limitations, and cancellation policies.
  3. Review the Insurance Policy: Review the insurance options and coverage offered when renting a car. Consider additional insurance options if necessary.
  4. Vehicle Inspection: Before taking delivery of the vehicle, carefully check for scratches, dents, or other damages and document them.
  5. Understand the Fuel Policy: Make sure you understand the car rental company’s fuel policy. The car is usually delivered with a full tank, and you are expected to return it full as well.
  6. Be Familiar with Local Traffic Rules: Learn about the traffic rules and road signs in Alanya and its surroundings. Pay attention to local regulations such as speed limits and parking rules.
  7. Check Necessary Equipment: Ensure that mandatory equipment such as a first aid kit, spare tire, car jack, and warning triangle are present in the car.
  8. Delivery and Return Conditions: Know where and when you will pick up and return the car. Be informed about the fees that will be applied in case of late return.
  9. Check Mileage Limitation: Some rental packages may have a daily mileage limit. Make sure you choose a package that suits your travel plan.
  10. Helpline and Emergency Procedures: Check if there is a helpline you can call in an emergency or if there is a problem with the car.
  11. Extra Equipment Needs: If you need extra equipment like a child seat or GPS, find out if they are provided by the rental company and if there is an additional fee.

By considering these points, you can complete your car rental process in Alanya smoothly and enjoy your holiday.


Alanya is known as the pearl of the Mediterranean and appeals to all kinds of holidaymakers with its wide variety. Renting a car to explore this region offers the opportunity to experience more than just the beaches of Alanya, including its rich cultural heritage, natural beauties, and local flavors. Drawing your own route, exploring, and finding the region’s hidden treasures provide perfect freedom.

The places and activities mentioned in this guide are just a few of the many options you can do by renting a car in Alanya. Every corner, every turn promises a new adventure, a new story. The history, nature, and culture of Alanya become even more meaningful and unforgettable with a discovery tour by car.

Finally, a smooth and easy car rental process makes your holiday even more enjoyable. Choosing a reliable rental company, finding the right car, and preparing all necessary documents ensure the successful completion of this process. Rent your car to discover the beauties of Alanya and enjoy the freedom to roam this unique corner of the Mediterranean.

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